WAPO Wear presents the work of Paz Stammler feat. Philipp Gelter

Today was all about Spain, now we fly to Barcelona to see this stunning material provided by photographer Paz Stammler featuring fitness model life style Philipp Gelter.

Philipp is a hottie with a body with European features, he’s based in Vienna, and he’s modeling the ultimate eclectic collection yet contains bold prints, vibrant colors, timeless black and white designs with modern twist and interesting patterns. As previous years WAPO is using high quality Italian fabric and all swimwear is made in Europe.

Energy, Nautic Star and Abstract are some of the pieces you can find now on the website of Wapo Wear to purchase right away.

Philipp Gelter by Paz Stammler1Philipp Gelter by Paz Stammler2Philipp Gelter by Paz Stammler3Philipp Gelter by Paz Stammler4Philipp Gelter by Paz Stammler5Philipp Gelter by Paz Stammler6Philipp Gelter by Paz Stammler7Philipp Gelter by Paz Stammler8Philipp Gelter by Paz Stammler9Philipp Gelter by Paz Stammler10Philipp Gelter by Paz Stammler11Philipp Gelter by Paz Stammler12

Purchase the items here.


Attention: WAPO Wear drops a New Collection 2017 and is totally hot!

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  1. Philipp is very handsome et sexy, love him!

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