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Vegas Heat with Jesse Blum: Images by Martin Ryter /PnV Exclusive

By Tom Peaks @MrPeaksNValleys

Even on the hot desert strip of Las Vegas, you can always count on fitness model Jesse Blum to deliver some extra heat and high-octane power and motivation. Relentlessly energetic, Jesse has been a fan favorite for years. Recently, Jesse posed for some amazing images with legendary Hollywood-celebrity photographer Martin Ryter, with whom Jesse has often collaborated with over their careers.

Born in Central Wisconsin on January 16, 1986, Jesse briefly lived in Boulder, Colorado and Los Angeles before settling in Vegas. In 2010, he was a Model Search winner and has been posing ever since. Drawn to fitness, Jesse is also an Elite fitness coach and personal trainer, working with locals and visitors to the Vegas area. In addition, Jesse is a motivational speaker, aspiring actor, and has even been trying his hand at photography.

With gorgeous black hair and brown eyes, Jesse is 5’11” and typically weighs in the 185-192 pound window. In 2011, Jesse appeared on MTV’s “Parental Control.” In the summer, 2014, he got the full reality-show experience when he was a contestant on E!’s “Escape Club.”  Jesse finished the program as first runner-up to the prize.

Below the photos, you can find ways to reach fan-friendly Jesse on social media.

Enjoy some Vegas Heat with Jesse Blum:JesseBluMartinRyter109JesseBluMartinRyter118JesseBluMartinRyter122JesseBluMartinRyter123JesseBluMartinRyter125JesseBluMartinRyter128JesseBluMartinRyter129JesseBluMartinRyter133JesseBlumMartinRyter40JesseBlumMartinRyter101JesseBlumMartinRyter104JesseBlumMartinRyter107JesseBlumMartinRyter108

You can find Jesse Blum on social media at:
Find out more about photographer Martin Ryter at:

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