Looking Vogue in Vegas - Fashion to Win a Million With

Looking Vogue in Vegas – Fashion to Win a Million With

Las Vegas is a city that has everything from sumptuous restaurants to the most luxurious hotels and decadent shows. However, while you’re in Sin City, the one thing that you must try out is the casino. 

Vegas casinos are legendary, and you’ll find an abundance of different casinos to choose from. However, casino attire may be somewhat different to what you expect – especially if you’re thinking of James Bond-style glamour.

Anyone could be a winner in the Vegas casinos, so here’s how to look like a million bucks while you’re playing. 

No Dress Code?

In many casinos around the world, there’s a strict dress code that must be adhered to, but you may have heard that’s not the case in Vegas. While the sheer proliferation of casinos in Vegas means that there’s a wide range of attitudes, it’s not strictly true that there’s no dress code whatsoever. 

During the day, you’ll be permitted entry wearing more casual attire, and some casinos will even allow shorts (but not all). It’s best to avoid looking too casual, though, so don’t wear flip flops, sandals, vests or ripped jeans. At the higher end casinos, you’ll need to look reasonably smart even during the day. 

In the evening, the expectation is that you’ll be more formally dressed, although this won’t always mean a tux or suit and tie. Casinos with a more relaxed approach may be happy with you wearing a smart pair of khakis and loafers. Don’t expect to be allowed in wearing trainers for an evening casino session.

The more sophisticated casinos will only permit entry to those dressed smartly; for the women, this is likely to be cocktail dresses, and the men will need trousers and a collared shirt. Many places may expect a tie, and if you’re heading for the VIP area, a tux is a good idea. 

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You may have played the Vegas casino sections on online portals regularly, but you’ll quickly discover that visiting in real life is very different. The casino industry in Vegas is so huge that it’s gained an enormous online following, with many areas dedicated to play. However, when you’re physically present in Vegas, you will need to plan ahead what to wear. 

The Top Designers for Vegas

If you’re a regular on the nightclub scene, don’t make the mistake of wearing the same type of clothes to the casino. Although they’re both evening entertainment, casinos – even in Las Vegas – have much higher expectations. 

There are some things which will be similar to nightclubs, such as no trainers, jeans or heavy boots. However, there are many outfits that would be perfectly acceptable at a club that will be rejected outright at a casino. This mainly applies to women; wear anything that’s too risqué or revealing, and you won’t be allowed in. The key is sophistication and elegance, not sexy and baring lots of flesh!

Wearing a top designer is one way to gain entry and ensure that you’re well regarded while in the casino. The Vegas crowd appreciates a well-dressed player, and designer gear will help you stand out while also fitting in.

Some of the most popular designer names suitable for Vegas casinos include Alexander McQueen, Maceoo, George Roth, Gucci and Ritmo Mundo. Rock up wearing an on-trend outfit from one of these top names, and you’ll be ready to rub shoulders with the wealthiest in Vegas!

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