Blinded by beauty of Josh in Pics by Mirko Fuhrherr – Exclusive

How could this gorgeous handsome man take over Berlin streets? Well first, you better following on Instagram to look at and second is because he’s so damn gorgeous.

Josh loves to play guitar and loves to sing, he grew up at a farm in Nashville, Tennessee the place of Legends. He has a very good presence, and he is very fluent, he is not a shy boy, he can conquer you with his eyes or with a smile, that’s why he’s now working at Berlin. In America is signed by Next Models and Berlin & Hamburg is signed by Core Germany.

Mirko Fuhrherr polished his technique on portrait photography through the years, gaining experience and sophistication, he’s got this delicate touch of sensitive around the lighting and focusing on small details that nobody notice about it.

So, in the following images, Josh wears all back essentials garments in a dark background to focus on Josh’s face and six-pack. Then, we have this shots to see who versatile is Josh outdoors.



Photography Mirko Fuhrherr Instagram / Site

Model Josh Knightlee @ Next Models (US) / Core Models (Germany)


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  1. yes josh is superbly handsome, a great specimen of masculinity and sexiness !

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