Brain&Beast Spring/Summer 2018 080 Barcelona

This is the new proposal of Spanish provocateur label Brain&Beast a melancholy, without memory, is impossible.

We must remember what is irrecoverable and possess it through its own loss, so that pain and joy are intertwined. The sadness that produces it reminds us that the past returns to the present and closes the person in a labyrinth without exit, where there is only sense for pleasure in remembering what was and will not be. There is no resignation or mourning, but an eager resignation in the future.

According to Lacan, humor is a disguise of being. “Labyrinth” is the melancholic memory of lost humor, returned to the present in a necessary way to perpetuate one’s own identity.

Brain&Beast was born in Barcelona in the year 2010 by Ángel Vilda. Their pieces are posed as games, riddles, hieroglyphs of apparent structural simplicity, which respond to complex geometric equations in which color and matter are part of codes where nothing is random. Thus, Brain & Beast proposes sets of pieces that combine emotion and reason, with a strong influence of contemporary culture, without forgetting great doses of sophistication and sense of humor.

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