Neil Barrett unveils sportswear – BLACKBARRETT Fall/Winter 2017

Debuting internationally with the Autumn/Winter 2017 Collection, BLACKBARRETT is conceived as activewear for the modern consumer, translating the Neil Barrett DNA into a gym and fitness line.

Distinctive design elements characterize the BLACKBARRETT collection across a range of sportswear staples, such as hooded sweatshirts, tank tops and T-shirts, running shorts and jogging pants, as well as a comprehensive collection of entry price outerwear infused by the Designer’s signature trademarks.

While the BLACKBARRETT aesthetic is firmly based upon the mainline foundations, the focus of the collection is to provide fashionable sportswear at a lower price point, addressing a design-savvy consumer pursuing an appealing fitness look. Sharply cut, yet injected with bold dynamism, BLACKBARRETT blends advanced materials with accurate detailing and uncompromising design.


Available from July 2017 in Neil Barrett Stores and selected retailers across the globe, the BLACKBARRETT Autumn/Winter 2017 Collection taps into the brand’s core, relying on a solid colour palette of black, grey and white, juxtaposed with dashes of primary red and captivating prints. Sealed seams and reflective bands underscore deconstructed anoraks and quilted vests, while lightweight nylon windbreakers feature a sleek design, contrasting piping and an adjustable scuba hood for wind protection.

Diagonal cuts, built-in Kangaroo pockets and sealed zippers enhance the freedom of movement while preserving the purity of the design. Joggers in sweat-wicking fleece allow a breathable warmth during workouts, while matching sports leggings and running shorts are meant to be layered to endure variable climatic conditions. Surfaces are either perforated or embossed – always textured.

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Sartorial pinstripes inspire multi-stitched sweatshirts, while intricate ribs inlays add a tactile interest to zip-up tops. All over printed tees and vests feature ergonomic flat seams and a three-dimensional “net” motif, striking a balance of comfort and style.


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