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Meet hottie with a body – Alexander Dorokhov pics by Pavel Lepikhin

Meet fitness muscle model Alexander Dorokhov  a Moscow athlete lover of life with 58K followers and counting in the new snaps taken by Russian photographer Pavel Lepikhin an expertise in fitness portrait, fashion and nude art.

Alexander is committed to fitness with a dedication to admire, we can see him in his instagram, where he has no pain to show his great muscular and natural body.

We know that Russian fitness, personal trainers and bodybuilders are the best in the world, since they start from a very early age in full of dedication to the fitness world.

Pavel has always been full and committed in his work, in the new photos that we can appreciate, capture the best of Alexander, it is like giving a tribute to the male beauty, always the portraits, captures them with much subtlety, admiration and respect.

Alexander Dorokhov by Pavel Lepikhin1Alexander Dorokhov by Pavel Lepikhin6Alexander Dorokhov by Pavel Lepikhin7Alexander Dorokhov by Pavel Lepikhin8Alexander Dorokhov by Pavel Lepikhin9Alexander Dorokhov by Pavel Lepikhin10Alexander Dorokhov by Pavel Lepikhin11Alexander Dorokhov by Pavel Lepikhin12Alexander Dorokhov by Pavel Lepikhin13Alexander Dorokhov by Pavel Lepikhin14Alexander Dorokhov by Pavel Lepikhin15Alexander Dorokhov by Pavel Lepikhin16Alexander Dorokhov by Pavel Lepikhin17Alexander Dorokhov by Pavel Lepikhin18Alexander Dorokhov by Pavel Lepikhin19Alexander Dorokhov by Pavel Lepikhin20Alexander Dorokhov by Pavel Lepikhin21Alexander Dorokhov by Pavel Lepikhin22Alexander Dorokhov by Pavel Lepikhin23Alexander Dorokhov by Pavel Lepikhin24Alexander Dorokhov by Pavel Lepikhin25Alexander Dorokhov by Pavel Lepikhin26Alexander Dorokhov by Pavel Lepikhin27Alexander Dorokhov by Pavel Lepikhin28Alexander Dorokhov by Pavel Lepikhin29

Yes you can follow Alexander on Instagram: @alexandrdorokhov

And of course the work of Pavel Lepikhin: @pavel_lepikhin

Location: Wood Studios, Moscow


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