PnV Presents: Owen Lindberg by Bill Lagaret – Issue 01

PnV Presents: Owen Lindberg by Bill Lagaret – Issue 01 of Fashionablymale magazine.

The Curly Blonde Babe

By Tom Peaks @MrPeaksNValleys

A mere 19 years old, Owen Lindberg comes barreling at you like a twister in the Midwestern Spring. A trainer in NYC as well as a model, Owen takes no prisoners in his ambition to succeed.  

Owen recently shot “The Curly Blonde Babe” with NYC-based Bill Lagaret, and we liked what we saw, so we jumped on board the Owen Express for a quick interview.

“I’m currently 19 years old, but about to be 20. I’m 6’1 and around 175 pounds with blonde hair and blue eyes.”


This is just a sample of the type of sizzling photos you can find in issue #1 of Fashionably Male Magazine Presented by PnV Network.

Owen sat down for a quick FM interview. Get it here:

Click here for you to get your digital copy of Fashionablymale Magazine Issue 01.

FM Magazine is digital-only, model-centric publication where we bring your favorite models to life through words and images.

Model Owen Lindberg  @owenlindberg
Photographer Bill Lagaret  @shot.by.lagaret

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