Hey! Let’s meet new face Akeem Osborne from Select Models

He’s represented by Select Models in London, Akeem is a boy of 18 years old and 6’3. Let’s check who’s behind those melting eyes and walking so gracefully on the runway.

In the last weeks, there were a lot of new guys doing casting for all the new seasons of London, Milan, Paris and New York. The nationality is no longer important, neither your sex, since we saw many boys genderless, what matters now is your height, thin and your attitude.

We’ve see Akeem first on London Fashion Week this season, walking for Qasimi, and then we find out over he walked for GCDS in Milan. And we just said, who’s that boy? We contacted via Instagram, and we got some nice replies from him, instantly we want to know some more from Akeem.akeem osborne for qasimi.gif

On Qasimi we fortunately see live because media press was working side by side. And Akeem performed really good, He walked very original, with a lot of security, he looked comfortable with the clothes, we assumed that he loved what he was doing, that’s very important, that you performes what you like, no matter what others say.

Let’s read below:



Name: Akeem Osborne

He’s 18 on 31st July.

6’3 / 11UK shoes / Waist 30 / Chest 38

He’s lives in Birminhgam UK

How was your first experience on modeling?

First modeling experience was exciting, but I was a little nervous since I didn’t know when I would perform, first experience was Xander Zahou show in London.

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How was working on London Fashion Week Men’s and Milan Fashion Week?

LFW was great!, wish I did a couple more shows and made a couple more castings.

MFW was sooooo good, I love it! Was good to get away from home and meet new people and build confidence in shows.


What’s your dream job?

Dream Job: professional basketball player, however, wouldn’t mind becoming a super model neither.

Any future plans?

Future Plans, to see how far modelling and basketball can take me.

akeem osborne for gcds.gif

He has a great face and definitely is suitable for commercial, advertising, shooting, can’t wait to see this guy again.



You can find Akeem on Instagram and Snapchat:

IG @akeemosborne / 👻 @akeemosborne321

  1. Noel Demeulenaere

    so beautiful haircut , i like him for his hair

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