Love your body, free the fabric – Adam Phillips by Jeremy Holden

When your body screams let it go, means take off your clothes, this is how Adam Phillips shows off so much skin in the new pictures by Jeremy Holden.

They met in London to do this is the #5 of Neon series from Holden with every Sunday will be public on Jeremy’s IG.

Adam‘s body goals on point! geez I’ve never seen a rock toned body like the one he possess. Is like you know… I can’t describe it. Speechlees. Just take a look.


Adam Phillips by Jeremy Holden1Adam Phillips by Jeremy Holden2Adam Phillips by Jeremy Holden3Adam Phillips by Jeremy Holden4Adam Phillips by Jeremy Holden5Adam Phillips by Jeremy Holden6

Fell in love instantly of Adam Phillips and following on Instagram.

AG: First model management / W model management

You can see the previous Neon Series from Jeremy Holden here.

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