H&M Sport Collection Fall 2017

H&M Sport presents new (updated) clothing line with ambassador and yoga pro Patrick Beach and endurance athlete / runner Thomas River.

Control your body, your muscles and your state of mind in our new collection of sportswear. No available on stores worldwide. For the girls, they have Aussie fitness athlete Amanda Bisk.

Prices are fair enough, from socks of $12.99 to a nice joggers from $34.99.

Focusing on men only, running calls for light and breezy sportswear — and it’s a major plus if they’re extremely fashionable.

Starring Amanda Bisk, Patrick Beach and Thomas River, H&M’s sportswear campaign push it to the limits in sportswear that comes high in style, high in functionality.

H&M Sport 2017 Patrick Beach1H&M Sport 2017 Patrick Beach2H&M Sport 2017 Thomas Rivers Püzey1H&M Sport 2017 Thomas Rivers Püzey2H&M Sport 2017 Thomas Rivers Püzey3H&M Sport 2017 Thomas Rivers Püzey4Shop at hm.com and in stores now!

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