The Road to Somewhere: Model Dmitriy by Michael Hallenbeck /PnV Network Exclusive

By Tom Peaks @MrPeaksNValleys

Gorgeous model Dmitriy Antyassov was just a mere toddler in 1991 when Kazakhstan became the last republic to break away from the former Soviet Union. Dmitriy is from the city of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky in the North Kazakhstan region of the country. A port city on the Avacha Bay, his hometown is surrounded by not only the Kamchatka Peninsula but also mountains and volcanoes. Petropavlovsk is the second largest city in the world to be unreachable by road. Nevertheless, Dmitriy found a road that lead to the United States in 2010. He has spent the last four years living in the E. Harlem area of New York City.Dmitriy by Michael Hallenbeck PnV Network2Dmitriy by Michael Hallenbeck PnV Network3Dmitriy by Michael Hallenbeck PnV Network4

Dmitriy says there are countless things to love about living in the USA and that it has become his second home. Regarding those differences, he says “you can mostly feel it when it comes to opportunities and diversity. I have never had a regret of moving here for good.” He describes the difference in his remote hometown to NYC as being “colossal.”Dmitriy by Michael Hallenbeck PnV Network5Dmitriy by Michael Hallenbeck PnV Network6At 29 years of age, Dmitriy is a tall one…6’4” and weighs around 205 pounds. He has light brown hair and blue/green eyes. He is represented by Silver Models, EMG and Mint Models. His goals in modeling are to be famous and routinely published. He would love to do commercial modeling and represent clothing lines.

Dmitriy said he’s had some interesting shoots thus far. In 2013, he says he had a blast doing a campaign to promote tourism in Atlantic City. He was one of eight models who spent the day lounging around the pool, and then later chilling in the VIP Club while a team of photographers did a lifestyle shoot with the men.Dmitriy by Michael Hallenbeck PnV Network7Dmitriy by Michael Hallenbeck PnV Network8Dmitriy by Michael Hallenbeck PnV Network9On another occasion, he shot at an expensive home in Bay Ridge Brooklyn, and spent the day on edge fearing he would drop or break some of the expensive pieces in the home….good thing he exhibits composure and isn’t a klutz. ☺Dmitriy by Michael Hallenbeck PnV Network10Dmitriy by Michael Hallenbeck PnV Network11Dmitriy by Michael Hallenbeck PnV Network12Those abs on Dmitriy are always a head turner. He says the two exercises that he finds give him the best results are the flat bench press and squats. “Gym takes a big part of my life,” he explained. “There is not only lifting weights, but also sometimes swimming, running, boxing and other sorts of cardio, sometimes with acrobatic elements.” He added, “Also, there’s nothing like a good day on a beach or hiking out of the city.” In his free time, Dmitriy likes to read fantasy and crime novels, play video games, and watch action movies.Dmitriy by Michael Hallenbeck PnV Network13Dmitriy by Michael Hallenbeck PnV Network14Dmitriy describes himself as honest and straight forward, sometimes to his detriment.   In addition, he stated, “I appreciate friendship and always remember when people do good things for me. I try to live and think positive.”Dmitriy by Michael Hallenbeck PnV Network15Displayed here exclusively for PnV Network and Fashionably Male are images from a recent shoot Dmitriy did with NYC-based photographer Michael Hallenbeck.   Hallenbeck is known for his rich images, usually shot in the outdoor sunlight around NYC. Dmitriy says that even though Hallenbeck only lives an eight-minute walking distance from him, he actually met him through Facebook. Dmitriy explained, “I just saw an impressive photo that he had shot of a friend of mine, and without hesitation I texted Michael.” In their collaboration, Dmitriy said he found Michael to be very energetic and professional. “He always knows his stuff and gives the model great tips,” Dmitriy commented. “The three and a half hours we shot went by pretty fast, and we’re now planning a second round.”Dmitriy by Michael Hallenbeck PnV Network16

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