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Summer Vacay at Budva City with Rastko by Srdjan Sveljo

If you have decided to spend your vacation at sea, we think that destination we have to offer can be wary interesting. The Slovenska beach at Budva in Montenegro is our destination.

We have a new talent a blonde long hair stud named Rastko Lukacevic a beautiful model joining this vacations at Budva, while photographer and fashionista Srdjan Sveljo is taking some snaps with this natural light.

Long sandy beaches with clean and clear sea. Slovenska Beach is the most popular place, on Montenegrin coast, for spending time walking along the sea. If you start in Budva you can get to Petrovac village and it takes two for that kind of romantic walk.

Rastko can seen in different swimwear styled by Sveljo, the model is represented by Versus Model Manamenet who represent models from Serbia, Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and Croatia.

Rastko Lukacevic by Srdjan Sveljo3Rastko Lukacevic by Srdjan Sveljo4Rastko Lukacevic by Srdjan Sveljo5Rastko Lukacevic by Srdjan Sveljo6Rastko Lukacevic by Srdjan Sveljo7Rastko Lukacevic by Srdjan Sveljo8Rastko Lukacevic by Srdjan Sveljo9Rastko Lukacevic by Srdjan Sveljo10Rastko Lukacevic by Srdjan Sveljo11Rastko Lukacevic by Srdjan Sveljo12Rastko Lukacevic by Srdjan Sveljo13Rastko Lukacevic by Srdjan Sveljo15Rastko Lukacevic by Srdjan Sveljo16

View more shots from behind the scenes at Rastko Instagram: @rastkolukacevic and follow my beloved friend Srdjan Sveljo on Instagram.

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