Call him Franco an Argentine Fitness model is on the rise – Shots by Juliana Soo

He’s Franco Barrera an Argentine beauty, yogi practice, fitness model and earth ground connected to nature, he’s a very persuasive guy and a good guy. But he’s based in Asia, currently in Seoul, to make this shots he contacted with Singapore based photographer Juliana Soo to make this candid stunning portrait of Franco.

Juliana has improved her technique of light and shadows, postures and better direction and selection of models. This is proof of how much it has improved.

Franco is a very sensitive boy, proving he’s a very sexy human being. He’s an actor at Argentina played a few characters on teathers around 2014 and he is signed by DHR Models in Buenos Aires.

Franco Barrera by Juliana Soo1Franco Barrera by Juliana Soo2Franco Barrera by Juliana Soo3Franco Barrera by Juliana Soo4Franco Barrera by Juliana Soo5Franco Barrera by Juliana Soo6Franco Barrera by Juliana Soo7

Visit Juliana Soo Photography Portfolio @ http://www.julianasoo.com
Model: Franco Barrera @francodbarrera
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