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#TBT Tom’s Scrapbook with Taner Sigirtmac by Baldovino Barani

Can you guess how was the male standard beauty back in 70's & 80's check this #throwbackthursday by FACTORY Fanzine.

Hypermasculine style with mustache and muscles included. Starring male model Taner Sigirtmac captured by fashion photographer Baldovino Barani for the 3rd issue of FACTORY Fanzine. Diseñado por Bhisan Rai using classic 1970’s and 1980’s fatigues and Rufskin bodywear staples.

See the Tom’s Scrapbook Supplement series below:


TOM’S SCRAPBOOK – FACTORY Fanzine 03 Supplement published August 2016.
Photography by Baldovino Barani
Stylist by Bhisan Rai
Model – Taner Sigirtmac @ ModelOne
Grooming – Gloomy Kwok using Tom Ford for Men
Featuring classic 1970’s and 1980’s fatigues and Rufskin bodywear staples.

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