Jacob Hankin in Fashion for Men shot by Milan Vukmirovic

In his career accumulate so many professional leaps that have become ‘unclassifiable‘. Without pretending or wanting it, this Serbian created in Paris is one of the most influential personages of the fashion industry through its magazine in book format Fashion for Men and its multiple collaborations with great luxury brands, as recently presented the signature Ports 1961.

Sight Management presents this edits from model Jacob Hankin in a sexy sporty theme for Fashion For Men. The model is also with Soul Artist in NY, Next Models in London, Kult Models in Hamburg and Australia,  Bananas models in Paris, I Love Models in Milan.

And the frames are exquisite amazing well done, like everything’s done in Milan’s life.

jacob_hankin_fashion_for_men_01jacob_hankin_fashion_for_men_02jacob_hankin_fashion_for_men_03jacob_hankin_fashion_for_men_04jacob_hankin_fashion_for_men_05jacob_hankin_fashion_for_men_06jacob_hankin_fashion_for_men_07jacob_hankin_fashion_for_men_08Photographer Milan Vukmirovic
Model Jacob Hankin
Fashion For Men Magazine

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