Introducing Photographer Troy Schooneman and his Fine Art Portraits

The words are superfluous when you try to describe the work of Troy Schooneman, this is a small selection by us to share with all our visitors.

Scroll down with me to appreciate this mini gallery of the artist/photographer Troy Schooneman, who during the last years has been very present in the social network, we have seen his work in different media, where they ovate, non-stop admiration, and only receiving excellent compliments for his work.

His intense, often melancholy yet highly romantic portraits of young men from ethnically diverse backgrounds are frequently mistaken for paintings rather than contemporary fine art photographs.  Schooneman’s portraits, which are influenced by the master painters of the Renaissance, possess a timeless quality and are exquisitely sensual – luminous with rich, saturated colors and infused with an almost surreal painterly quality.

It is an true inspiration to see this work, Troy’s professionalism in the camera is undoubtedly a great adventure, the set of light that provides that vintage look, which we can see, the selection of guys who pretend to be muses for the lens of Troy is very successful.

Enjoy this little encounter with art and the camera of Troy.

Visit work of Troy here:
Instagram @troyschooneman
Tumblr /troyschooneman

Enjoy Free eBook from Troy’s Edition 2 of “Renaissance Men – an Introduction to the Fine Art Portraits of Troy Schooneman”.

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