Stallion John Strand comes in ‘Dark Horse’ unpublished shots by Wong Sim

Dandy public figure, influencer and male model John Strand comes in unpublished shots by Wong Sim in New York “Dark Horse” where proves one more time how sexy this Stallion can it be.

But the good news is that John is recently signed by Wilhelmina Models in the Big Apple. Congrats John! 🍸 You made it.

Bubbles rise and then leave, fame can be a double-edged sword, but not for John, who has worked really hard to get so many followers in all social networks. And what I love is that he sticks to dandy style to any event in New York and Los Angeles.

But when he strips off his clothes and lets see the incredible body he owns. He shows how sexy can be a real gentleman, the stallion he becomes.

The pictures are captured by Wong Sim who has that unique style of capturing an intimacy and the style is by beloved friend Kai Jankovic.

Check pictures:

John Strand by Wong Sim1John Strand by Wong Sim2John Strand by Wong Sim3John Strand by Wong Sim4John Strand by Wong Sim5John Strand by Wong Sim6

Photographer: Wong Sim
Model: John Strand
Stylist: Kai Jankovic
Coat by agnés b.
Sweater by Diesel
Shirt by Hugo Boss
Pants by Reiss
Denim jacket by Calvin Klein
Jeans by Dsquared2
Underwear by Charlie by Matthew Zink


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