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He’s a writer, producer, filmmaker and actor, he’s so charming and he has the most incredible and fascinating ideas to entertain you on YouTube.

We get to know Brian works because of a Tumblr went viral, with thousand of likes and everybody commented on it: “this is so good!,” ” where do I see this?,” … so instantly I searched on YouTube his name, and ta-dah! (Thanks Tumblr sent us)

So besides he’s so talented and gorgeous, we’re gonna give why we love and become a huge fan of Brian Jordan Alvarez.


  1. Because YOU HAVE TO SEE “The Gay and Wondrous Life of Caleb Gallo” this is about the complexity of relationships of 5 guys in Los Angeles, they have a strange and weird interaction between them, and this hilarious, because they’re so intense and drama queen, and iconic moments and characters but you laughing everytime and this Web series is so quotable.

  1. And Brian invented genderfluid character “Freckle” played by actor Jason Greene (they met at College at UNC) and this quote bringing life to all gays:



Since I’ve known Jason… Jason really is Marilyn Monroe, you know, he has that, and so… there’s something comedic about, ’cause he really doesn’t very masculine prescence in a lot of ways, cause he’s way taller than me, ’cause he has that low voice […] at the bottom of all he’s a great actor!… –Brian Jordan Alvarez talking about “Freckle”.

  1. Brian and his super girlfriend Stephanie Koenig did “Stupid Idiots” a couple of idiots but then you realize that you are so stupid like them. Is written, directed and edited by Stephanie. If you want to laugh till you pee, you’d better watch this.
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  1. Because he presents in a comic way how absurd life is without laughing, I know he’s an excellent playwright, he’s easily goes crazy and unearthly, and then he’s laughing, and then he’s so intense and then you want to hug him and kill him. But he can be emotionless, like Carolyn:

  1. When you feel rejected by your neighbour – a real hunk – well Brian captures the epic saga of rejection for gay men:

6. Besides he’s very talented, Brian is very handsome. 😍


  1. He clearly has an explanation about bisexuality. Starring by himself and his friend Peter Vack.

Sidenote * The one thing that everybody loves about Brian is about Brian and his friends, even though they are gender fluid, super straight, co-workers or just average people like you and me.


8. Brian Jordan Alvarez’s latest project explores modern gay life and it’s stunning, titled: How to be a Slut in America – Part 1. See this while you can, I know this is a story invented by Brian of a queer boy in L.A. and actually I know people is acting like he did.

And everybody went mad about this!


  1. But Brian deleted “EVERYTHING IS FREE” a super sexy and has an actual plot and stuff and full frontal. ✄

But the magic of tumblr we got this:


  1. And there was a scene where he was COMPLETELY NUDE! (Oopsie is edited.)
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via @itsalekz Tumblr
  1. There’s a scene where Brian show up so much 🍑 in HTBASIA – Part 1 and he has a good good rounded bubble butt. Oopsie a little bit 🍆 NSFW.


  1. We love you BRIAN!!!!! Please keep up the good work!!!!!


Guys don’t miss this super talented and handsome aside, and take a look over his social media.

Brian Jordan Alvarez Imdb.com
Brian’s Instagram @brianjordanalvarez
Brian’s Twitter @brianjoralvarez
Brian’s YouTube /brianjordanalvarez

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