Here’s a hot session with Julien Lacroix thanks to Karl Simone

Finally we have our Monday Motivation thanks to Karl Simone sharing new updated hot session with mode Julien Lacroix from New York Models.

Julien is based in Montreal, Canada but back and forth to New York City, the model of 6’2″ is vegan and has a broad awareness of the planet.

Julien’s work has been transcended because of photographers Joe Lally and Rick Day has been captured him in the Big Apple.

So, Julien and Karl connected in NYC and let’s find out the hot session we have for you:

Julien Lacroix by Karl Simone1Julien Lacroix by Karl Simone2Julien Lacroix by Karl Simone3Julien Lacroix by Karl Simone4Julien Lacroix by Karl Simone5Julien Lacroix by Karl Simone6

Photography Karl Simone @karl_simone
Model Julien Lacroix @juliendlacroix

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