Model/Hairstylist from Russia Artem reveals muscle body in new shots by Joseph Daniels

In the daytime he’s a Hairstylist and make up artist, based in Los Angeles, by night he’s a muscle male model who really enjoys working out and training so hard to revealed his muscle figure in front of thousand of photographers: He’s Artem a Russian hunk.

This time is the turn of photographer Joseph G. Daniels, and they work together in Los Angeles and we couldn’t refuse to submit this stunning work for you guys.

Artem comes into the studio in ZARA suit with Kenneth Cole shoes, and then he’s taking off his clothes, where Joseph took some snaps from Artem’s hairy chest and then where Artem is revealing more and more.


Photographer is – Joseph G. Daniels
Instagram @josephgdaniels
Talent Artem Kucherenko @artemkucherenko.ru
First look with Jean Shorts
Hat from Michi Brand
Shorts – Top Man
Classic Look
Design Glasses – Gucci
Pants- Zara Men
Jacket- Zara Men
Shoes- Kennith Cole
Sunglasses Raybans
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  1. Artem is the most beautiful man inside and out.

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