Popular influencer FEDEZ collaborates with BERSHKA in Urban Clothing Line #fedezforbershka

Federico Leonardo Lucia is an Italian rap singer, his music and unique style conquered the most important girl in the world Chiara Ferragni (she’s a blogger and law student in Milan. Her blog, The Blonde Salad, has about 110,000 visitors per day. Her style inspiration is Miroslava Duma, and his favorite designer is Alexander McQueen).

He’s the “bad boy” of the moment, which attracts a legion of fanatics with his tattooed body and his rebellious attitude. The secrets that made him a star. Right now a fresh gossip is tha Chiara is pregnant.

Just a few months ago, Federico Leonardo Lucia – popularly known as Fedez – remained anonymous on a global level, only the world of rap enjoyed his musical creations.

The Milanese boyfriend of the hit it girl Chiara Ferragni today is the bad boy with the greatest influence, creator of trends in fashion and music. He defines his style as a fusion of different styles with hip-hop, with a more up-to-date adaptation to the millennial style, which translates into luxury lifestyle and extreme fashion.

And Bershka – who always is looking for the next powerful influencer – talked with Fedez for a clothing line collaboration, inspired by Fedez’ tatts, and the collection, is hot on sales, almost sold out.

Let’s check it out:

fedezforbershka Collection1fedezforbershka Collection2fedezforbershka Collection3fedezforbershka Collection4

Fedez is a producer, founder of a musical agency and composer of lyrics that speak without fear and without complexes on subjects like love, politics, society or human superficiality. He has achieved great successes like “Magnifico”, “Cigno Nero” or “Generazione Boh” in a country where there is no great tradition in this genre. So much so that it has managed to be gold and platinum for its more than 70,000 copies sold.

In his last video “Senza Pagare” Ferragni participated with Paris Hilton, reaching more than 32,980,944 views and counting.

The relationship with Ferragni began with an instant crush. “We started to write to each other, invited me to dinner, and I thought, well, I like it to be straightforward, guys today are too many undecided,” said the blogger.

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YouTube and Instagram are the preferred means to share with more than 4 million followers their luxurious lifestyle combining events fashionistas, parties, trips around the world and their moments together their future wife.

So back to the collection, is based in Fedez essentials, armed with tatts patched across a white tee, denim jacket, and a hoodie.

fedezforbershka lookbook1fedezforbershka lookbook2fedezforbershka lookbook3fedezforbershka lookbook5fedezforbershka lookbook4fedezforbershka lookbook6fedezforbershka lookbook7fedezforbershka lookbook8

The influencer has already reached the 10 million followers in Instagram, and its case is studied in the University of Harvard. Her future husband positions herself globally, with new projects in the music industry and fashion. Maybe soon reach the same popularity as Chiara. The truth is that today they are the most fashionista couple of Instagram.

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