Ready to get: Erdem x H&M Menswear Collaboration

Erdem x H&M arrives in shops and online (finally!) on Thursday 2 November. Much like H&M’s Isabel Marant collab in 2013, the anticipation has been doubly palpable with this collection, as not only have we been looking forward to this since it was announced back in July, but this is also Erdem’s first-ever men’s line – something we’ve been waiting for since the designer burst onto the British fashion scene in a riot of floral prints in 2005. Good news: it’s been worth the wait – and we’ve got a first look.

What’s most impressive about this collection is that it’s one of the most diverse we’ve seen since H&M started tapping cool designers for their yearly collaborations back in 2004. Yes, you’ve got plenty of Erdem’s trademark flower power prints, but they’re deployed over a wide variety of items, including hoodies, pocket squares, leather slip-ons, T-shirts and, our personal favourite, a matching brown and blue pyjama suit.

However, there’s also lots here if you’re not into florals. Of particular interest are the distinctly festive jumpers, the crisp suits (especially the navy-blue with a teal windowpane-check running through), the ballsy wool greatcoats and the matching fleece jacket and gloves.

While there’s still just under a month until you can get your hands on the pieces, if the web-crashing crowds from previous years are anything to go by, it’s best to make a wish list now and go straight for what you want when it launches. Make a note of your favourites by browsing all the menswear pieces – plus prices – here. Credit cards at the ready, gents.

Available from 9am on 2 November in selected H&M shops and at

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