Stick to this to SEE Tamas Csanko Pics by Juliana Soo

Come to meet Tamas Csanko a new hunk presented and snapped by photographer Juliana Soo in Singapore.

Right now the model is represented by Diva Models an agency in Singapore, and immediately scouted to shoot by Juliana Soo.

And of course we can see her clever eye, Tamas is a one good looking guy.

Enjoy the following pictures:

Tamas Csanko by Juliana Soo1Tamas Csanko by Juliana Soo2Tamas Csanko by Juliana Soo3Tamas Csanko by Juliana Soo4Tamas Csanko by Juliana Soo5Tamas Csanko by Juliana Soo6Tamas Csanko by Juliana Soo7

Photographer+ stylist: Juliana Soo


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