All people deserve to see this: Dimitrio Stark Shots by Dmitry Zemenkov

He is a one prototype of masculinity to appreciate it now. He’s Dimitrio Stark the new muse of photographer Dmitry Zemenkov.

Lensman Zemenkov is currently residing in Vilnius, Lithuania.
“I’m specializing in portrait, wedding, fashion, commercial and performing arts photography, and I always in search for the new opportunities, places and interesting people.”

Like we said before, Dimitrio is the classical virile hairy hunk guy, that many many loves and pursuit to reach that kind of body.

But don’t get me wrong, if you can see the instagram of Dimitrio you can see that this guy is very discipline, he’s training every day to reach his goals, ’cause he loves to have a good healthy, just like everybody else.

Of course all people deserve to see this:

Dimitrio by Dmitry Zemenkov1Dimitrio by Dmitry Zemenkov2Dimitrio by Dmitry Zemenkov3Dimitrio by Dmitry Zemenkov4Dimitrio by Dmitry Zemenkov5Dimitrio by Dmitry Zemenkov6Dimitrio by Dmitry Zemenkov7Dimitrio by Dmitry Zemenkov8Dimitrio by Dmitry Zemenkov9

Dmitry Zemenkov


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