Italians Do It Better: Matteo Maganzani Pics by Alisson Marks – Exclusive

Everything that Alisson Marks and Stefano Guerrini do is becoming trendsetter in Milan with stunning and iconic pictures but also discovering new strong and powerful faces.

The lucky one is a masculine Italian hunk named Matteo Maganzini a new talent to be presented herein Fashionably Male. The 2016 Mister Italia competitor – who passion is fitness and having a good healthy body, skin and face – is wearing Bikkembergs, Modus Vivendi and AntPitagora thanks to stylist Stefano Guerrini. 

In his strong sixpack the stallion has a black butterfly that quotes in Spanish: “Todo vuela y se va” (“everything flies and goes”).

Don’t you forget to follow Matteo on his IG. As well as Alisson and his incredible work who inspire so many people. And fashion stylist Stefano. 

Duo – Alisson + Guerrini – are fierce! Take a look right now:

Matteo Maganzani by Alisson Marques1Matteo Maganzani by Alisson Marques2Matteo Maganzani by Alisson Marques3Matteo Maganzani by Alisson Marques4Matteo Maganzani by Alisson Marques5Matteo Maganzani by Alisson Marques6Matteo Maganzani by Alisson Marques7Matteo Maganzani by Alisson Marques8Matteo Maganzani by Alisson Marques9Matteo Maganzani by Alisson Marques10Matteo Maganzani by Alisson Marques11


Photographer Alisson Marks
Stylist Stefano Guerrini
Grooming Erisson Musella
Stylist assistant Cristina Florence Galati
Model Matteo Maganzani FB: www.facebook.com/matteomaganzani


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  1. Good heavens! Somebody pick me up off the floor, this guy is just perfect!

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