Matthew Noszka and his new look for Netflix TV Serie ‘Narcos’ – Shot by Robbie Fimmano

Ripped and sexy is Matthew Noszka coming in a new sexercize editorial by photographer Robbie Fimmano who gets the best of now actor in Hollywood starring the new episode for Netflix TV Series “Narcos”.

Matthew Noszka revealed a few weeks ago his exciting in social media, and including a behind the scenes shooting for all his fans. He actually is recording scenes in Colombia.

In the editorial named “No Sweat” Robbie Fimmano gather with stylist Ben Perreira this material is for CR Fashion Book Men.

Matthew is one of the most popular America models and we really glad to see this guy now at  a TV series, Matthew got 585K and counting.

Matthew Noszka by Robbie Fimmano1Matthew Noszka by Robbie Fimmano2Matthew Noszka by Robbie Fimmano3Matthew Noszka by Robbie Fimmano4Matthew Noszka by Robbie Fimmano5Matthew Noszka by Robbie Fimmano6Matthew Noszka by Robbie Fimmano7

Photographer Robbie Fimmano
Model Matthew Noszka
Stylist: Ben Perreira.



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