Modeling with Devin Truss portrayed by Francisgum

Francisgum a Philippine based photographer who travel to Los Angeles to portrayed some of the new guys for agencies like DT Models, where Devin Truss is belong.

Devin Truss a beautiful male model of 6’2 with incredible looks, strong physique – he’s a Certified PT Online Coach – and started modeling right now in Los Angeles.

Yeah, we bet we definitely get in touch more often of Devin’s career.

Devin Truss by francisgum 1Devin Truss by francisgum 2Devin Truss by francisgum 3Devin Truss by francisgum 4Devin Truss by francisgum 5Devin Truss by francisgum 6Devin Truss by francisgum 7Devin Truss by francisgum 8Devin Truss by francisgum 9Devin Truss by francisgum 10

Photography @francisgum / www.francisgum.com
Model Devin Truss @devintruss @ DT Models


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  1. Alright DT Models, Another Hottie! Well I like to use Biggie (A Big (Tall and Fat free) Hottie) and that he is, Gorgeous!

  2. Devin Truss is delicious! I love his lips…would greatly enjoy a kiss from him, and much more!

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