Next Questions with Trevor Signorino

NEW YORK — “I’m just an everyday guy. I’m 22-years-old, I go to school, I’m trying to get a degree, live an average life. The fact that I do get to possibly be on a billboard or a commercial or whatever is awesome, but it’s never going to change my character or who I am.” That Trevor Signorino, face of a Versace fragrance campaign and favorite of Bruce Weber, considers himself just an everyday guy ought to give everyday folk succor in these trying times. Everyday is simply not a word that anyone in full command of his or her faculties would use in relation to this flawless human specimen. Exceptional or extraordinary, either would more adequately begin to describe the Toms River, New Jersey native, but neither really do justice to the young man himself in his ascendency in the world men’s modeling.

Two and half years into modeling, Trevor has featured in fragrance and fashion advertising for Versace by Bruce Weber, shot advertising for Diesel, and claimed a cover of men’s fashion biannual Hercules, also by Weber. Countless editorials and runway appearances have additionally helped establish Trevor as one of the hottest prospects men’s modeling today. No surprise, then that Models.com has ranked Trevor on its Hot List. Still, though if asked, Trevor mentions that he is but three semesters away from graduating with a teaching degree. He already coaches high school football, which is something he loves. “I just love working with kids, watching them grow.” Teaching physical education and health as well as coaching football, basketball, or track are lifelong dreams of his, but Trevor is not about to turn his back on modeling.

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Whatever path Trevor takes, it will be successful. He just has that air about him. Looking like he stepped straight out of central casting is one thing, but having two feet planted firmly on the ground will always serve Trevor well. “I’m in two worlds right now…so for now I’m just going to ride the wave.”

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Credits include: Title, “Next Questions — Trevor Signorino”; Interview and video, Damien Neva at Next Management; Model, Trevor Signorino.

  1. He’s HARDLY an everyday guy….. 😉

  2. Trevor, I have News for you “There ain’t nothin average about being You!” I’d say a Model’s life is short lived and few succeed as you. Yes you are blessed in many ways so run with it, enjoy your youth. You’ll have plenty of time to teach and some experience under your belt in the real world. Giving you insurmountable resources to be the best at whatever your endeavors.

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  5. You’re definitely a handsome guy, Trevor. Enjoy your modeling career while you can, and teach the wonderful youth about their bodies and how to stay healthy. Wouldn’t mind being in the locker room with you.

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