Xavier Buestel showing the goods for Matches Men November 2017

MATCHESFASHION.COM is the modern luxury shopping destination for the confident global fashion customer.

A photography by Markus Pritzi and styling by Chris Benns model Xavier Buestel showing the good that Matches Men has on it.

Xavier has been in several campaigns through all this years, for Theory, Vince, Nordstrom, Lardini among others. He’s with Success Paris (mother agency) but also Elite Londres , ilovemodels Milan , Uno at Barcelona and NewYork models management .

Xavier Buestel for Matchesfashion1Xavier Buestel for Matchesfashion2Xavier Buestel for Matchesfashion3Xavier Buestel for Matchesfashion4Xavier Buestel for Matchesfashion5Xavier Buestel for Matchesfashion6Xavier Buestel for Matchesfashion8Xavier Buestel for Matchesfashion9Xavier Buestel for Matchesfashion10


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