Embrace the Intensity with new work of Anderson Littke feat. Eduardo Schüelter

Photographer Anderson Littke currently work at São Paolo comes with a new project to present fresh faces from Brazil. This is Eduardo Schüelter in. “Embrace the Intensity” a portrait/video you’re about to see.

We’ve known Anderson since 2014 and we really happy to presents this, his comeback with us.

Littke comes and portrait every detail of the stunning face of Eduardo, a model from 40 Graus models (one of the biggest Model agencies in Brazil) and was shoot in São Paulo.

Eduardo Schüelter by Anderson Littke1Eduardo Schüelter by Anderson Littke2Eduardo Schüelter by Anderson Littke3Eduardo Schüelter by Anderson Littke4

You can see Embrace the Intensity the video edited and filmed by Anderson Littke:

Photography + video Anderson Littke @anderson.littke
Model Eduardo Schüelter @eduschuelter at 40 Graus Models.



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