Warmth in the Wilderness with John Strand pics by HardciderNY

He’s returning once again, he is with us, and we never let go John away. John Strand is back with “Warmth in the Wilderness” under the lens of HardciderNY.

Check this hot sensation male model based in NY in clothing by Diesel, Cadet, Allsaints among others.

John Strand by Hardciderny1John Strand by Hardciderny2John Strand by Hardciderny3John Strand by Hardciderny4John Strand by Hardciderny5John Strand by Hardciderny6John Strand by Hardciderny7

“Warmth in the Wilderness”

Coat by Cadet
Denim jacket by Diesel
Pants by Cadet
Boots by Diesel
Sweater by Ralph Lauren
Trousers by Allsaints
Leggings by N2N

Model: John Strand, Wilhelmina Models + Bicoastal Management @johnstrand
Photographer: Menelik Puryear @hardciderny


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