Monday Motivation with JT by JR Christiansen

Monday Motivation with personal coach and trainer JT who’s also a published male model and actor with the agency BMG Talents, probably you’ve seen JT in the VH1’s Dating Naked TV Series – Season 3 – where obviously like the name is mentioned, he was completely nude.

But to be in front of the lens or front of a camera with no clothing, is not problem at all for JT; that’s why Jr Christiansen took JT this snaps against a wall with a natural lighting through his fit and strong body as a big attraction.

So, are we ready to see JT? YES!

Jonathon Hatfield by JRChristiansen Studio1Jonathon Hatfield by JRChristiansen Studio2Jonathon Hatfield by JRChristiansen Studio3Jonathon Hatfield by JRChristiansen Studio4Jonathon Hatfield by JRChristiansen Studio5Jonathon Hatfield by JRChristiansen Studio6

PS Also we know that JT is a rapper/lyrical artist check this out:

Photographer Jr Christiansen Studio @jrchristiansenstudio / Twitter: @JrChristiansen1
Model JT @jtrue22 / Snapchat: Jtrue22 SoundCloud: soundcloud.com/jtrue-3



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