Punto Blanco Fall/Winter 2018 080 Barcelona

By 2020, two thirds of the planet’s wildlife will have disappeared. The flame of life is extinct as fast as in the dinosaur season, and this is because humanity is cutting the tree of life. This is the collection “Save the Planet” by Punto Blanco Autumn/Winter 2018 in the second day at 080 Barcelona Fashion.

If we do not stop this tragedy, the delicate biodiversity of our planet could collapse completely and leave it dead and uninhabitable for living beings.

We honor our mother earth, the wonderful gift that has only been lent to us and for this reason each one of us has the duty and responsibility to take care of it. Only together will we be able to restore the consonance in our home.

This feeling has inspired and made possible the development of a hybrid collection, in which styles are mixed and the urban one joins with nature through the common elements that make life possible.

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