Miquel Suay Fall/Winter 2018 080 Barcelona

Miquel Suay will present a collection with a sophisticated style, in which his garments, shirts, and men’s suits will be highlighted, synonymous with the highest tailoring and Italian style taste. A collection directed to an avant-garde man, who appreciates the details that emanate from the classic style, which is distinguished by its elegance and attention to the details of excellence, and that seeks quality both in design and in the clothing as in fabrics.

In the new collection, sources of inspiration are sought from two elements that have fascinated and fascinated him personally, and that have the artistic beauty of the meeting point, which is the one that drives the spirit of Miquel Suay. Combine the Baroque with the concept of the instinctive abstract.

Considered the Sistine Chapel of Valencia, the church of San Nicolás de Bari and San Pedro Mártir is the best example of coexistence, in a building with a Gothic structure from the 15th century, of a spectacular 17th century baroque decoration. Restored in 2016, its opulent decorations are part of the inspiration for this new autumn / winter collection. However, it is not the only basis on which these pieces are creatively supported, but the abstract works of the American painter Robert Motherwell are added to the baroque style of the church.

Motherwell, an outstanding figure of abstract expressionism, considered that improvisation was the only way to reach pure abstraction.

The intention, when mixing these two artistic disciplines, is to strategically combine the powerful expressionist forms of Motherwell with the meticulous perfectionist details of the baroque decoration of the church of San Nicolás, all on a sardorial basis with typical patterns of discharge Italian tailoring.

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