Ways To Stay Looking & Feeling Your Best On A Busy Schedule

There’s nothing wrong with being busy and committed to your job, family, partner or all of the above. What matters is how you treat yourself on a daily basis. Forgetting to attend to your needs will leave you drained quickly, and you won’t be able to function at your best.

Put in a little extra effort to look and feel your best even when you’re busy, and you can have it all. Make the change before it’s too late and your health or work suffers. All it takes is a few small tweaks, and you’ll be managing your obligations without any problems.

Exercise Daily

There’s always time for exercise if you make it a priority. Fit it into your schedule any way you can because the health benefits are worth it. You’ll look good, feel amazing and your clothes will fit better. Squeeze it in early in the morning, at lunch or on your way home from your job. It doesn’t matter as much when you go, as long as you fit it into your daily routine. Think of how much better you’ll look, and your mental game will be sharper too.


Walk whenever Possible

In addition to daily exercise, it’s always a good option to walk when you can. Use the stairs and choose to increase the number of steps you get each day by doing less sitting. You won’t believe the impact this small adjustment will make to your physique and overall wellness. Walking is also a good choice when you’re strapped for time and need a way to move. Take your dog for a stroll or go around the block during lunchtime.


Take Care of yourself

You have to consistently put yourself first, even if you’re busy. Choose sleep over late nights out and cooking at home versus going out to eat. Take care of your oral hygiene and check this website too. You’re not the only man who has ever struggled to perform in the bedroom. All you have to do is take control and visit this website to find a solution that’s right for you. You won’t be disappointed with the results. Always aim to get your mind, body, and spirit right first and then attend to your other responsibilities if you want to truly succeed.


Connect with others

It’s easy to get busy and wrapped up in your own world and forget about your family and friends. You need connections to stay healthy and to keep you grounded. Doing so will remind you how important it is to have strong people and relationships in your life. It’s also nice to have people who’ll be there for you no matter what and are there to listen if you have a problem. Keep a calendar and start making appointments with loved ones if you have to. Also, put in a reminder to pick up the phone and call those you care about on a regular basis.

Learn how to Eat Healthy on the go

Cook for yourself when you can, but also know how to eat healthy on the go. Being busy is no excuse to eat poorly and consume more calories. Prepare your meals for the week on Sunday, grocery shop on the weekend and take healthy snacks with you to work so you’re not tempted to consume junk food. If you know you’re going to be busy, then it’s your responsibility to plan and protect yourself from eating whatever’s in front of you because it’s easy. If you do have to go to a restaurant with other people, then check out the menu ahead of time and scope out your healthiest option.

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Take Breaks & Vacations

You have to know when to say enough is enough and take a break or schedule a vacation. Each day you should be forcing yourself to take short breaks to get up and walk around and stretch your legs. Set a timer on your phone if you have to. Not only does your body require the movement, but your brain needs time to relax too. Also, use your vacation hours and give yourself time to rest away from the busyness of everyday life. If you don’t want to spend a lot of money, take a staycation where you can sleep in and do whatever you want during the day.

Manage your Stress

The only way to truly look and feel your best is to get your stress under control. A lot of stress can quickly change your appearance and personality. Meditate, practice yoga and do deep breathing exercises whenever you’re feeling overwhelmed. Talk to someone you trust if you’re worried and let your emotions and thoughts out in a positive way. Know your warning signs and recognize when it’s time to step back or get help before you take actions or say words you regret. Being busy will only add to your stress levels if you aren’t careful about cutting back when necessary.


Watch what you Drink

Going out all the time and drinking a lot of alcohol will slow you down and make it harder to maintain your weight. You’ll likely feel groggy during the day and won’t be able to function at your best. Watching what you drink also includes sugary and high caloric drinks that you don’t need. Instead, drink water and tea to keep your skin looking healthy and stay hydrated. It’s important to keep in mind that what you eat matters and so does what you drink.

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It’s not acceptable to use being busy as an excuse to not take care of yourself and do whatever you want. Living like this will catch up with you, and you’ll soon regret your decisions. Take responsibility for your wellbeing and look forward to feeling and looking your best. The only person in your way is you. Use these tips to put you on the right track to experiencing better days ahead. You’ll likely start to excel in all areas of your life and won’t believe your increased liveliness.

Photography by Simone Fransisco @simonefransisco

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