Fashions new colour: Albino is the new black Meet Joe pics by Lagaret

Unlike in Tanzania, where Albinos are being slaughtered, these pearly skinned people are gracing catwalks globally. This guy pictured below by Bill Lagaret is a new star that we want to introduce you, he’s Joe Winscom already signed by Homme MGMT, BMG Models in New York City and Brave Models in Milan.

This 6’0 clear-eyed blonde with a lettering over his chest “Respect All Fear None” made a splash in the fashion world. Albinism affects people of all ethnic backgrounds; its frequency worldwide is estimated to be approximately one in 17,000.

Lagaret did a fabulous work here, snapped him around in the apartment with a red shades and the classic LV x Supreme hoodie.

Let’s take a look:

Photography Lagaret @_lagaret_
Model Joe Winscom @joewinscom

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  1. This is awesome, my nephew is amazing. Since the day he was born I have seen his halo, he is our angel on earth. He has taught us not to focus on what you cannot do but to focus on what you CAN do

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