A Day at the Beach – Meet André Thanks to Benjamin Veronis

André is the center of our attention this day because he’s an adorable guy we must watch over and over again. This stunning pictorial shot in one day at the beach by Benjamin Veronis.

André is a beautiful young man that built his portfolio thanks to Benjamin, he has been included at ADON, good start.

But now André is here with us, and we want to welcome him in a warmth way, temperatures are rising up in some places around America, specially in Palm Spring, its a sunny day –enjoy it at the beach with André.

Photography Benjamin Veronis @benveroniswww.palmspringsmen.com
Model André Reyes @reyes_andre_

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  1. Gives off a very nice vibe, PS one of my fav spots in the world makes it even more inviting. Great shoot!

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