Introducing Timothée Chalamet by Ryan McGinley for GQ US March 2018

Introducing actor and new sensation for fashion editorial Timothée Chalamet is nominated for Actor in a Leading Role for Oscars 2018 by the picture “Call Me By Your Name” Timothée Chalamet portrays Elio, a music-loving 17 year old living in Italy who becomes enamored with Oliver, a visiting American graduate student during the summer of 1983.

The young actor is portrayed by photographer Ryan McGinley for GQ US March 2018 and styled by Mel Ottenberg.

The only thing weirder than being famous, it seems, is living in that brief space between making something brilliant and the fame it eventually brings. That’s the space where @tchalamet‘s hanging out these days – and he’s pretty preoccupied with not screwing it up. More of our story on the once-in-a-generation talent at the link in bio.

Every once awhile, a young actor shows up in a movie like an alien—anonymous and yet in possession of such preternatural talent that audiences start thinking about the actor’s future not in years but in decades. Call Me by Your Name’s Timothée Chalamet (@tchalamet) is such a once-in-a-generation talent

“I have a genuine fear of having the inability to replicate this moment again,” Timothée Chalamet tells us in the March issue. We caught up with 22-year-old at a strange time in his career – the ending of his anonymity and the beginning of his celebrity.

Photographer Ryan McGinley @ryanmcginleystudios
Actor Timothée Chalamet @tchalamet
Stylist Mel Ottenberg @melzy917

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