Joem Bayawa nailed it taking new pics of John Hanson

Is a classic Bayawa-style! This pictures will make you say: he nailed it!. this is the new work featuring pretty face John Hanson.

Instagrammer model John Hanson comes in front of the lens of Bayawa for a stunning portrait indoors modeling different outfits styled and guided by Joem.

Dropping a beautiful face, is a outgoing cute guy, ready to hit the markets. But let’s find out more.

For those in search of an exceptional photographer who is willing to go the extra mile in order to create those breathtaking shots we can’t get enough of, look no further than, Joem Bayawa.

Joem is the total package offering his styling expertise, make-up artistry, innovative vision for photography. He inspires you to do more and has a gracious personality like none other. I personally recommend working with Joem Bayawa its truly an experience of a lifetime.

Introducing John Hanson, a new, fresh face in the modeling industry from the outskirts of New York City. John is a handsome young man with many big dreams.

With Don Hood as his mentor and friend in the industry he plans to branch out to sign with DNA, Next management, and Click Models. John is also an aspiring actor with an inviting and witty personality. John is 19 years old now and is often traveling to build his portfolio and experience.

This year he has already traveled to Miami, London, Ireland, Spain, Los Angeles California, and Chicago. He’s always available to travel for an opportunity build his craft.

Although John is a new face he has worked with large companies such as Runner’s World Magazine, Boscov’s, Dorney Park, and a few others. Additionally, his portfolio includes photoshoots with Fadil Berisha, Michael Dar, and Lori Smith.

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John has a sexy face and magnetic smile that is unforgettable.  John’s modeling journey began from being noticed on instagram @johnhandsom with his eye catching, handsome features, and he was constantly asked if he modeled.

After hearing it enough he decided to pursue modeling and began to make history as we know it. The best part is that his journey has just begun.

Photographer Joem Bayawa

Twitter ~ @joembayawaphoto
Model John Hanson @johnhandsom


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    Wonderful photos of a great looking young man. Thanks

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