Nic Palladino, Period. A PnV Network Exclusive

By Chris Chase @ChrisChasePnV

As most of you know, Nic Palladino has been a PnV fixture since our inception. In fact if there was a PnV Mt. Rushmore Nic would be on it, no question.

Recently Nic was featured in Period magazine in an editorial by Lester Villarama. This up and coming photographer has been a busy man lately. He was kind enough to share the EXCLUSIVE photos of Nic from their shoot.

Photographer Lester Villarama @shotbylester
Model Nic Palladino @nicpalladino


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  1. Ahh, Now that’s My Saint Nic. What a Lovely and handsome man, he’s the finest. You just don’t get much better, hard worker, positive, so charming and passionate. Everyone should follow his V-Blogs, he’s as real as it gets and so genuine and personal I forget he’s first a Famous Model, second a trainer / Bodybuilder and motivational as it gets. He’s very easy on the eyes (and has pretty one’s) to love, and kinda naughty sometimes. Well maybe it’s all in my head, but he’ll do that to you. I truly wish he’d show us some more skin, but I know he wants to be taken serious and I respect, But Honey he’s got some beautiful skin… J/K I’m a flirt, I know he’s STR8. Has gorgeous GF… 2 …

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    My Long time crush.. he really is BEAUTIFUL and those eyes are dreamy like no others. I could stare at him all day and night and week and months and years, lol

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  4. […] Nic Palladino, Period. A PnV Network Exclusive […]

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