Chris Femat presents ‘Golden Cage’ featuring Erik Ramos

We’re glad to see once again photographer Chris Femat, with uniqueness, stunning, wonderful and golden new work featuring fitness hunk named Erik Ramos.

Chris reunited more Mexican talent to work in this material, fashion designers Gus de la Cruz Menswear and Pepo Ruano Designer presenting garments such as tops, shirts, underwear and a transparent sexy see-through boxer.

For Erik is very common to be adored and admired by all people, because his entire male physique is built by so many hours and dedication to the gym, a hard diet and discipline. And is not the first time showing up around here with us, let’s check this article done by Chris as well.

Speaking of that material, from 2015, until today, Chris has improved so much on his work, managing so well all the right spotlights, focusing in the beauty of Erik, and having this golden background – the right color for Erik and his golden skin – so congrats for this stunning work. So proud to be Mexican.

Photography Chris Femat @chrisfemat
Model Erik Ramos @erikraamos
Designers: Gus de la Cruz Menswear @gusdelacruzcouture (white linen romper and  white knit underwear) www.facebook.com/gusdelacruzmenswear

Pepo Ruano Designer @peporuano
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  1. Gordon Harris

    WOOF & WOW!

  2. the butt is very beautiful ,he is hot,tthe fashion is nice

  3. […] Chris Femat presents ‘Golden Cage’ featuring Erik Ramos […]

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