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“Ripp Baker’s Arizona Adventure: At Stonewall Farm” By Rob Kristian / PnV Exclusive

By Tom Peaks @MrPeaksNValleys

In February, model Ripp Baker decided to abort the frozen world of Minnesota for a vacation excursion to the desert South West. Ripp, to celebrate his 26th birthday, went to visit his buddy, Bryce Thomas, in warm Arizona to do some adventurous hiking.

Fortunately, Ripp was also excited to participate in a PnV/Fashionably Male shoot with our friend, Arizona photographer Rob Kristian.

Ripp’s friend, Bryce, also found the perfect venue for an outdoor shoot, the Stonewall Farm in North Scottsdale, Arizona. Rob says David Cain, one of the owners, was very gracious and generous with his property for the crew. “The grounds were absolutely amazing,” Rob commented. “They have several stables filled with beautiful Arabian horses and backgrounds with endless photographic opportunities from the hay barn to the stables and amazing walkways that cover the property.”

Ripp enthused, “The hosts at Stonewall Farms were absolutely wonderful, and I had such a great time.” (visit for more information)

Regarding Ripp, Rob says the blonde, blue-eyed hunk comes across very confident and genuine. He stated, “Ripp is very outgoing with a very high energy, positive vibe.” Rob said Ripp was very open to ideas and engaged in location spot and wardrobe selections.” He added, “Ripp is very natural with his poses and facial expressions.”

Ripp remarked that Rob was a wonderful photographer to work with. “You could see the passion that he possesses for photography very clearly.”

While Ripp had been around horses a little bit, he said that he did find shooting with them more difficult than he expected. I’m guessing the Arabian horses had some model diva moments.

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Rob hopes Ripp returns to the Phoenix area soon, and they can create more captures.

Enjoy “Ripp Baker’s Arizona Adventure:”

You can find Ripp Baker on social media:


If you missed it, here is our interview with Ripp back in January.

You can check out the work of photographer Rob Kristian at:


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