“From the Jungle to the City” work by Daniel Alonso featuring Jorge Volkova

Photographer Daniel Alonso is a new known Venezuela lensman —based now in Mexico City—that everybody’s talking about and model Jorge Volkova is featured in “From The Jungle to the City.”

Jorge is a male model, globetrotter, represented by Nook Models who is a pleasure to our eyes to see him in vikingo mood: tiny briefs, shirtless and discovering a naturally jungle in the middle of Mexico City.

“They were taken in Mexico City’s Chapultepec forest lake and is part of the concept that he called “From the Jungle to the City” in which elements were used to figure a hunter / viking coming out of the waters of the jungle to take the streets of the city.” Jorge explains to us in an email.

Enjoy the new work of Daniel Alonso and Jorge and explore every detail of it.

Photography Daniel Alonso @danielalonsofoto

Model Jorge Volkova IG @jorgevolkova TW @jorgevolkova FB /jorgevolkova


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