For your Pleasure Only – Israeli Summer shots by Eran Levi featuring Ben

This following material is brought to you by photographer Eran Levi as an exclusive.

Shot in an old Israeli Kibbutz –is a collective community in Israel that was traditionally based on agriculture– the type of scenery that inspire Eran Levi the most.

With a stunning new face Ben Almog, is giving this armageddon feeling a solitary young man in the middle of nowhere, Ben is the only one survivor, Eran photographed Ben in black & white for giving more drama to the scenario.

Ben who’s only wear a tiny brief, leather boots and sometimes nothing, completely bare, but then,  we got this juxtaposition that he’s trying to enjoy this coming Summer, along capturing every elements around this Kibbutz.

Inspirational, motivational, this is a true stunning work by Eran Levi, for your pleasure only, enjoy:

Photographer Eran Levi @levieran88 / FB Eran Levi
Model Ben Almog @ben_al01

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  1. is he feeling lonely ,for this feeling he wanted to show his butt to any one to have fun

  2. Damn Eran Levi, very sexy spread indeed…Ben is all that and hot as fuk… now that’s a bubbly I’d like to sip slow and let the bubbles pop in the air… Kind of creepy? hahaha he’s Gorgeous in a non threatening gym bunny way. Definitely a shoot I’ll always look back to. Eran you know how to stir my naughty thoughts keeping it classy.

  3. but why he made some pictures for himself ,why he did that is he sick,i do not knw

  4. He could show his hot ass to me any time. Better yet, I’d rather see his bare dick. I’d blow him and eat the results.

  5. i hope to see the film about this story

  6. stamboekstier

    excellent model and good photograve

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