Sexy Undies from Body Aware with Model Michael James Dale at ‘The Black House’

By Tom Peaks @MrPeaksNValleys

Body Aware is known for some of the sexiest, most adventurous underwear on the market for men. Currently based out of Scottsdale, Arizona, the company started in England in 1986 with the thought that male underwear was far too boring and too white.   A lot has changed in 30+ years, but Body Aware still is the master of edgy and vibrant-colored underwear in an assortment of fabrics.  And all of their products are manufactured in the USA—California or Arizona.

YogaAware Bodysuit

“The Black House” is a beautiful editorial photographed in Tempe, Arizona by Body Aware’s primary photographer, Crystal Maldonado of Phoenix.  Gorgeous 26-year-old hunk Michael James Dale, who is the brand’s star model, was captured throughout the retro house.

Michael James Dale is a captivating model with an uninhibited, free-spirit style.   The face of Body Aware for nearly 5 years, his perfect physique is matched by his bubbly personality. His jovial and flirtatious style and dance moves are evident in the various Body Aware videos (seen at the company website and on You Tube) as well as the live Instagram stories that Body Aware produces during their studio and location shoots.   Michael Dale exudes a confidence and masculinity while still being playful during shoots while wearing provocative underwear such as lace, silks and satins, and sheer thongs and briefs. 

Glistening Satin Pouch Brief

Body Aware Creative Director Anna Volina has found Michael’s vibe to be infectious with customers.

The Ninja Mesh Brief

“Our customers have come to love Michael’s personality and of course his outstanding physique. On our shoots, “Volina explained, “he is very entertaining and fun to work with. We always joke about how he looks so much like Brad Pitt in the 1990’s, and sometimes his resemblance is uncanny. Let’s face it, he’s a pretty charming, humorous, and good looking guy with a body that he takes pride in.” She adds that Michael, who is from the small town of Brisbee, Arizona, doesn’t take himself too seriously and can be goofy and silly.  She says he’s been the “whole package since day one.”

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The Inkblot Brief

“Michael has an ease and natural ability to him when it comes to showing various angles and adding feeling to each shot without being judgmental about what he has to wear,” Volina noted. “He never frowns about anything we ask him to put on or try to do, and we’ve come up with some risqué designs in the past.”

Michael currently lives in Hollywood and pursuing an acting career. In the meantime, he continues to model and dance. He has landed various commercials and will be starring in some short films that will be released soon.   

The Amazing Bamboo Boxer

In regards to “The Black House,” according to Volina, “The whole shoot was inspired by the house–its black walls and neutral aesthetic made it the perfect backdrop for our colorful items.” Called The Black House by Knob Design Homes, Volina says they rented it through Airbnb.   

Originally, it was a ranch home that got renovated into a more spacious and masculine bachelor pad.Volina explained, “The house itself had some awesome textures with the exposed wooden beams and brick walls that gave it that industrial/modern and sleek look we were looking for.” She added, “Overall, the whole home had a lot of areas for us to play with to make it more of a lifestyle shoot.”

Rip-Stop Tanga Brief

Photographer Crystal Maldonado is a Phoenix-based fashion photographer. Volina said, “She has really honed in on a signature style of editing for us that makes our items pop.   She’s also great at working with our models and making them feel comfortable.” Volina loves Maldonado’s creativity and technique as well as her editing and lighting styles.

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Just Breathe Thong

Body Aware focuses on creating new, sexy, and exciting designs each month. The customers find these enticing designs in thrilling fabrics that you wouldn’t find in traditional underwear for men. Satisfied customers return again and again to Body Aware out of curiosity and adventure for more unique styles to wear.

Glistening Satin Pouch Brief

‘The Black House’ by Knob Design Homes photographed by Crystal Maldonado for Body Aware starring model Michael James Dale.

Italian Transparent Tactel Tanga

Check out the huge assortment of underwear at Body Aware: 

Web: bodyaware.com 
Instagram:  https://www.instagram.com/bodyawareunderwear/
Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/BodyawareUnderwear
Twitter:  https://twitter.com/bodyaware

Follow Michael James Dale:
Instagram:  https://www.instagram.com/magicjunior/

Check out more work by photographer Crystal Maldonado:
Instagram:  https://www.instagram.com/crystalmaldonadophotography/
Web:  http://www.crysmphotography.com/



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