Photographer Walter Summer presents Artyom Dubovik in portrait

Walter Summer –photographer based in Belarus– most of the portrait are taken in natural light, this is the result of union of two, this is muscle model Artyom goes fashionable in a beautiful portrait by Walter Summer.

Artyom is a muscle fitness Instagrammer –also based in Belarus– and this is how he does it; Arty –like everybody knows it– comes shirtless in trousers and Adidas sneakers.

Let’s see this:

Model – Artyom Dubovik (IG @artem_dubovik and new IG account for more inspo @tema_fit)
Photographer – Walter Summer (IG @waltersummer)

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  1. Gordon Harris

    Artyom Dubovikis handsome, plus his physique is first class.
    Thanks for sharing such wonderful photos.

  2. George Akerley

    Artyom is a delicious sight to see…I’d love to see more

  3. George Akerley

    It is so wonderful to view all of these sexy men, so handsome. As we see other gay men, it enhances our ability to be exactly who we are, to honor ourselves, despite what many people think of us.

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