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Wanna See a Sexy Long-Haired Guy? Here’s Ryan Haringa by Benjamin Veronis

Are guys with long hair hot or does it make you wanna pass them the shears? This dude have the answer: Meet Ryan Haringa photographed by Ben Veronis in a California Desert.

We’ve never really been able to make our minds up on whether guys with long hair are hot or just in need of a good hair cut. Until now. Ryan awakens us something inside that we can not explain.

We’re not sure if we’re uncontrollably jealous or wanna hunt Ryan down and hang from his perfectly rugged tresses. Did we say that out loud?

As long as it’s not in better condition than ours, we’ll take that all day long hides his Aussie Treatment in a sock Check out this handsome and hairy rogues in a Californian Desert during a near tornado!

To see more work by photographer Ben Veronis, check out:
Instagram: @benveronis
You can find Ryan Haringa on his social media: 
Instagram: @ryanwhat03
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2 comments on “Wanna See a Sexy Long-Haired Guy? Here’s Ryan Haringa by Benjamin Veronis

  1. Gordon Harris

    Ryan is sexy, plus his physique is a stunner. Thank you.

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