Here’s What Every Woman Wants from the Man in Her Life

Rugged good looks are always a nice plus, but if you were to question any woman you know, few would probably place that high on the list of what she really wants in a relationship. While that sexy man across the room may initially appeal to her, that isn’t what keeps a relationship going. If you happen to be lucky enough to get the whole package, all the better. However, sex appeal is just the icebreaker, so to speak. Here are the traits every woman really wants from the man in her life.


While most women will fight to the death for equal rights, they also want a man in their life who they know will be dependable. Even though women really want to work outside the home, they want to know that they can count on their man to take care of them if the need arises. They want a man who will be there when he says he will be, do the things he says he will do and above all, one who can be trusted to be true when temptation slaps them in the face. Can you depend on your man? If so, he’s a keeper!

Prince Charming from Cinderella

Easy Going Nature

No relationship fraught with worries can last long. While a woman wants her man to be hard-working and steady, she also doesn’t want one so disturbed by finances or job advancement that it interferes with the relationship. On the other hand, she doesn’t really want a laissez-faire approach to responsibilities either. He’ll be a man who takes time to enjoy quality time with activities like those found on Funattic.Com, but will also be dedicated to taking care of his family. In other words, stress is a real detriment to any relationship and so women want men who can achieve a healthy balance in life because they know how to put things in order and take obstacles in their stride.

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Concept, Styling + Art Direction: Leonid Gurevich Photographer: Hadriel Gonzalez Hair: Lorenzo Diaz Make-Up: Ido Raphael for Factory Downtown Nails: Angel Williams Photographer's Assistant: Marck Salazar Location: Match Point NYC
ZEBEDEE ROW (Full length nude being “baptized” )
( female model: Laura Kargulewicz / Wilhemina )

Genuine Concern for Others

Models: Jonathan Bellini, Jhonattan Burjack and Nikolai Danielsen and female Taylor Hill in Vogue Japan December 2017.

Talk is cheap, and most men know that women have a genetically softer side than men. It’s in their makeup (not the kind you carry in a bag!). They may try to give the appearance that they have a concern for your feelings, or the feelings of the people they interact with, but you will soon learn the difference. If a man is genuinely concerned for the things which are important to you, he won’t belittle them or play them down. He will be supportive of the things you seek to accomplish because he is concerned with your happiness and satisfaction. That doesn’t mean that he has to agree with everything you do, but he can at least be supportive of your efforts.

The gorgeous Brazilian male model Everton Stedile & the sexy Argentina female model Betina Canoza for the pool shoot. He's represented by Base Model Management Kuala Lumpur & TWO Management. She's represented by ML Model. Shot by photographer Jason Oung in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Everton and Betina by Jason Oung.

Yes, every woman dreams of a fairytale romance where handsome Prince Charming sweeps them off their feet, carrying them away on a white stallion. Realistically, they know that isn’t going to happen. Real women want real men and that’s what it boils down to. What women want most is a real man who is true to himself yet mindful of the needs of others. Above all, be real – that’s what women want most.

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