‘Aloha Drift’ Swimwear Editorial featuring DW Chase

Two brothers collaborate on a tropical Hawaiian photoshoot, one in front of the camera, the other behind, traversing the natural wonder of The Big Island, one sun drench moment after the next. Graphic design artist Michael Woody  first fashion editorial. Five days on the dramatic west coast of Kailua-Kona, photographing swimwear and fitness model DW Chase.

DW commented about his trip to Hawaii “It was my 5th visit to the Hawaiian islands, and my sixth shoot in the state. It was the very first time working with my brother as the photographer”. As a big proud brother DW continues “he is a graphic designer and photographer from Seattle”.

All the shoots were composed in early morning Kona sunrise. Each morning paradise would begin to unfold as the sun back lit Hawaii’s only active volcano. Providing us with really unique filtered light. – DW Chase

Chase who looks great in every single piece, also comments “each morning we traveled to a different beach location, with a new set of swimwear and designs. Black sand, white sand, green sand, The Big Island Hawaii offered so much variety and personality. That’s what we tried to capture, not just a boy posing around in swimwear, but the essence of Hawaii and all the beauty it has to offer.” 
Most of the selected photos were from beaches or coastal locations on the Kailua-Kona coast, or “the dry side” of The Big Island. It was very easy to get distracted during the shoot because you would find sea turtles, wild goats or just get lost in the changing colors of the sunrise or the blue water. 
Happily DW said to us, “I hope these photos we captured provide the viewer with a little bit of Aloha and serenity during their browsing.” 

Photographer – Michael Woody https://www.instagram.com/mellomikie/
Featuring brands Mertailor Men, CA-RIO-CA, Asos, Ripcurl, Aeropostile (Surf tank)
& Zenni (Sunglasses).


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